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Remote screen capture

Classroom Remote Screen Capture and Archiving

While teaching a class it is often important to have the ability to capture what is happening on the desktops of your students in order to help them better and to ensure an orderly classroom environment.

Bozteck VENM can easily capture your classroom desktop screen shots in intervals that you define and place them into a grid of thumbnails on the instructors desktop.

Here is a quick video showing how to get it all set up:

classroom remote screen capture

I have spoken to numerous school teachers, training instructors, and college professors while creating this feature of Bozteck VENM and much of that feedback contained concerns of students circumventing the screen captures by disabling services or unplugging their network cable, then plugging it back in.  The latter cases some existing solutions to fail until the entire classroom is restarted.

Bozteck VENM uses a light touch method of taking remote screen shots in order to prevent such tampering.  On the monitored classroom PC’s, there are no processes to kill and no services that remain running for them to stop.  If they disconnect themselves from the network, their screens will be captured again automatically once they reconnect.

To use remote screen capture, you will need to configure a service account in Bozteck VENM that has full administrative access to the PC’s being monitored.  You will also need to ensure that there is not a firewall blocking communication between the console and the monitored classroom PC’s.

Try it out by downloading from